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When you think about new startups or innovative technologies, what is the first thing that pops up in your head? Is it a chic office space with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or is it something else?

At the annual event hosted by the president of the USA – GES or Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley, one message came across all 100 entrepreneurs – Great ideas can dome from absolutely anywhere. And believe it or not, everyone agreed that this is true. Great ideas can come from talented entrepreneurs and future business owners who are overcoming the barriers in cities like Kenya, Nairobi, Jamaica, and Kingston.

The growing mobile-phone and internet access is bringing new business opportunities to entrepreneurs from developing cities and countries. According to a research, more than 40% of the population in the world now has access to the internet, while around 20% of the households have smartphones.

The businesses and organizations that can take advantage of this information and the fact that the world is going digital are expanding at double-digit rates. The business ideas and ground-breaking technologies and innovations are blooming across the worldwide market and we can say without a doubt that a new, fresh, and more global generation of entrepreneurs is on the rise.

When it comes to the potential impact, and we mean both social and economic is pretty significant. Today, all talented entrepreneurs have the ability to drive innovation, create jobs, and solve issues, especially in the developing countries where the technology can detect old incompetence in sectors such as transport, energy, and education.

John Kerry (the U.S Secretary of State) announced that in this era, everybody understands that new business ideas can come at any time from any place. Also, these business ideas can have an impact anywhere. John has been absolutely surprised by the groundbreaking designs he has seen around the world and by the ideas that have been brought to life.

However, we think that we can all agree that entrepreneurship is not an easy or simple path, especially for the brightest and talented minds in developing economies.

Electricity and other infrastructure are usually unstable. The business mentors and training are insufficient. Funding is a little bit hard to come by. Nothing makes the process of running a business easier. The government regulations may suggest unnecessary barriers to launching a new company.

At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit or GES, the World Bank Group’s participation helped demonstrate different efforts to motivate and support entrepreneurship from all across the world to overcome these obstacles and barriers to expansion and to improve or develop their innovative and fresh businesses.

These involved a few initiatives of the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice concentrated on creating favorable ecosystems through training programs for arising startups, innovation hubs, and a global network of business incubators in the digital, clean-tech, and agribusiness fields.

A few entrepreneurs from this network shared their positive experiences at the GES event. One of these entrepreneurs is Kenia Mattis, who competed in the eight-month Women Innovators in the Caribbean Acceleration Program and was able to win $15.000 at the Spark the Fire summit for her literacy startup called ListenMi.

All of these entrepreneurs remind us that the talent is global, however, the opportunity is not. So, if you notice a good business opportunity, grab it and do something with it!

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